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Ti-Tees were created by Design Engineers with 30 years of experience in medical product design and 30 years of golf experience. The last medical product they developed and brought to market was endorsed by Arnold Palmer.
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Using the latest SolidWorks modeling software they have developed the most technologically advanced golf tee on the market today. They looked at all the technology that had been brought to the golf market with regard to drivers, irons, putters, golf balls, GPS etc., but not much technology was put toward the golf tee.

They reasoned, why use the latest technology for the aerodynamics and dimples of a golf ball and the latest technology of the Titanium Driver to control launch angle, speed and spin of that ball, if you are going to launch the ball off of a wooden stick stuck in the ground? Thus they developed the Ti-Tee; Designed to release the full power and potential of your Titanium Driver.

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