In Action


" I am amazed at how much further I hit the ball. I can reach long Par 4's I could never reach before. I can't play without it."------ Joan - Shaver Lake, CA

"I am hitting the ball further, straighter and more consistently than I ever have before. The second time I used it I shot a 69." ------ Eric - 5 Handicap, Springville, CA

"I have never hit my drives more consistently straight. Plus it makes an excellent divot tool. No longer do I carry a pocket full of tees. Just my Ti-Tee and a coin." ---- Jim, Fresno, CA

"The first time I used it I almost drove the 380 Par 4 at the Country Club. ------Kenny, Oceanside, CA

"I used to break every Texas Height tee I used with one swing. I have yet to break a Ti-Tee, and my drives fly further and straighter."----- -Daniel, Long Drive Contestant, Swing Speed Measured at 135 Mph

"Sweep The Ball Off The Tee. Once I saw the pivoting action of the Ti-Tee, mentally I could visualize how a smooth sweeping swing would cause the Ti-Tee to Pivot. I now have a more consitent sweeping swing and hit the ball further and straighter. It's a great training aid." --Chris, Huntington Beach CA